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Counsellors train for a broad range of care, counselling and psychotherapy. As individuals they also specialise. Like everyone they have individual areas of experience gained through private and professional life. In this respect  it is important to find the right counsellor for you.

The areas of focus I have an interest in and professional experience in include, working with women, families, and working with faith and belief (what is namely transpersonal). I have been involved on mediative and mindfulness projects when working in film production. In regard to this I hold many years of experience navigating work and business pressures, and in over 35 years, and have learnt, usually! - to keep my cool and be self aware and present in stressful moments. Medative inputs have proved invaluable. I have managed to sail through three recessions including the Covid pandemic, albeit eventful and exhausting and challenging times. Guess recongnising my strengths and weaknesses and finding my own supportive people along the way gets you through. We all need a helping hand.

I have experience in assisting young people - I hosted international students for over 10 years so more than a 100 have been supported with my family in that time, from years 11-24, all insightful and valuable life experiences. Aswell as raising my own children. Finally, my practice is Covid compliant, for 'face to face’ sessions, but at present I work on-line, and have training in the specifics of this arrangement , which meets with NCS and BACP regulations / stipulations. 

If you work in public healthcare, business and navigate family dynamics these are the areas of expertise that I would love to work with you on.

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